Why Organo

Organo has two kind of advantages over others System Wise & Product wise:


Organo being the only tech based delivery service delivers unique value to its cutomers.
  • Access to Unlimited milkmen & Dairy Houses
  • Instant quality checks
  • Rating system to keep check on hygiene
  • One click change of supplier



Organo is 100% pure milk. Our milkmen and dairy farmer commit to following practices set up in OrganoS standard.
OrganoS is one of the stringest set of quality procedures that is compatible & in some cases better to any international organic standard like USDA Organic or ACO Australia.


Most milk brands are adulterated with hazardous cancer causing preservatives like formalin and open milks are adulterated with water, oils, detergents and urea. Intake of such milk can cause diseases over long period of time. Organo ensures that a pure and natural product reaches our customers


Organo has totally revolutionalize Milk delivery design. From milking to bottling to delivery every step is carefully monitored to make sure that every container milk comes in contact with is food grade and clean